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B-I-A  is a Wholesaler, Importer, Exporter and a Distributor of international electrical equipments.

We offer an international range of products that includes almost all product segments of the electro industry around the world.

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    Company History

  • 1985 the company was founded in Darmstadt (about 25 km south of Frankfurt, Germany). B-I-A was a distributor for products from Square D (Bell/Rodale).
  • The range of products at this time includes electrical wiring devices (plugs, socket outlets, cord connectors, and much more), supplied to electrical contractors, U.S. Forces, machine building industry, and export companies in Germany and Europe.
  • 1986 the company was transformed into a limited liability corporation and renamed into B-I-A Vertriebs GmbH.
  • 1991 expanding the product range of electrical installation materials, in order to adapt these to the needs of our industrial customers.
  • 1996 corporation moved to Weiterstadt (near Darmstadt) to enlarge the capacity of the warehouse for electrical and electromechanical products.
  • 2008 after expansion of business activity, B-I-A moved back to Darmstadt into a larger building. This location offer more flexibility for the staff and additional stock capacity for our extended product range.
  • 2012 our sales and customer service has been extended to handle the ever-increasing quotation requests promptly and correctly.
  • 2015 we optimized the functions of our employees and adapted to the today's market requirements. The product ranges supplied by our company were adapted to the customer requirements.
  • 2021 since the pandemic year 2020, the market activities of our company have changed significantly. Our management has decided to relocate the company to a new location in the city of Reinheim, 20 km in the southeast of Darmstadt. A larger warehouse and optimized office areas provide future-oriented activities.

    Today and the Future

  • Our current product range offers international properties and contains almost all product segments of the electro industry around the world.
  • The major customers of our today's business are the electrical industry, the NATO forces, other distributors in Europe and worldwide acting companies.
  • Like in the past, our product range and technical support will be continuously optimized, to be able to offer complete solutions for our customer's requirements all over the world.

    Product Range and Contact Address

  1. Our product range is international and includes almost all segments of the electric industry all over the world.
  2. We offer one of the largest and most diverse product ranges of electrical, electronic and electromechanical devices in the market.
  3. Our direct contacts with manufacturers, global connectivity and international distribution meets the needs of our customers.
  4. Use the Product finderProduct finder  to get an overview of our product range.
  5. Product finder  is an easy way for intuitive product specification.
  6. Product finder also offers documentations, datasheets, informations about stock availability, technical and physical details where applicable.
  7. Subdivided into main sections and subsections up to product groups and individual data, our catalog includes a variety of informations.
  8. The documentation only includes an abbreviated list of goods and does not represent all available products from our company.
  9. Visit the Contact usContact us  page for the postal address of our company, location map, and how to contact us.
  10. Contact us  for any questions and informations about our product range.
  11. If you are interested in a particular product, which is not listed in our catalog, please submit your inquiry.

    Additional Documentations and Information

  1. Additional documentations and information about products, offered by our corporation, are also available on request.
  2. Check the Brief overviewBrief overview  of our international product range.
  3. The  Brief overview  gives an insight to our international range of products that includes almost all product segments of the electro industry around the world.
  4. Visit our catalog section General InformationsGeneral Informations  for additional documentations and information.
  5. General Informations  includes information about our Company, Product Overview, Manufacturer Index, Terms and Conditions of Sale, etc.
  6. Take a look to Product indexProduct index  with an overview of the content of the catalog.
  7. Product index  is a listing of products and offers a quick overview of the catalog content.
  9. Or just browse this website to get the desired information…