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  • Australia, New Zealand

    Flush or Panel Mount Socket Outlet, IP 44, with Self-Closing Lid, 10 Amp, 250 Volt AC

  • Belgium, France

    Surface Socket Outlet with Shutters, 10/16A

  • France, Belgium, Germany

    Adaptor Plug, Travel Adaptor, France/Belgium Pins, German Schuko Socket

  • France, Belgium, Poland

    CEE 7/V Socket Outlets, 16A/250Vac, IP54, with Screwless Terminals, Standard and Child Protected Versions

  • France, Belgium, Poland

    DIN-Rail Mounting Sockets SD 035 Series

  • France, Belgium, Poland

    Flange Mounting Receptacle with Self Closing Lid, Flange Dimensions (50x50)mm, Rear Wiring, 16 Amp, 250 Volt AC, with Reverse Grounding Pin, 2-Pole 3-Wire Grounding (L+N+PE), France/Belgium Standard, CEE 7/V (IEC Type E), IP54 (IP20 with Cover Open), Thermoplastic PA6 Housing, 1461 Series

  • France, Belgium, Poland

    Snap-In Modular Receptacles, 16A, 250V AC, Meets NF-BBJ

  • France, Belgium

    Connectors with Reversed Grounding Pin, CEBEC

  • France, Belgium

    Female Connectors with Reversed Grounding Pin, 16A-250Vac, CEE 7

  • France, Belgium

    Panel or Flange Mounting Socket Outlets, IP44, 2P3W Grounding (L+N+PE), with Reverse Earthing Pin, Hinged Cover

  • France, Belgium

    Surface Mounted Socket Outlet CEE7

  • Germany, France, Austria

    DIN-Rail Mount Sockets, Self-Locking

  • Germany, France, Belgium, Poland

    Plugs Straight with Dual Grounding System (CEE 7/7), 516 Series

  • Germany, France, Belgium

    Adaptor Plug, Travel Adaptor, German Schuko Pins, France/Belgium Socket

  • International

    Sockets For Domestic Applications, 250 Volt AC, 13A or 10/16A or 20A, IP44 (IP54 with Cover Closed), Versions for different Counties, Models with Flange (50x60)mm or (70x87)mm

  • International

    Thin Wall Support Frames and Back Box, for 1 Module (45x45)mm or 2 Modules (22.5x45)mm

  • United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium, Poland

    Surface Mounting Socket Outlets, IP55, 1-Gang (1- and 2-Gang BS1363), with back box and membrane direct piercing gland, intended for residential and professional technical installations

  • France, Belgium

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